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M V P S Newsletter and Mailing List for Women

Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome is one of most mis-diagnosed
disorders in women today.

Over 12,000,000 women suffer from
the condition. Many are symptomatic
and are totally unaware that their
migraine headaches, anxiety,
tremors, palpitations and other
symptoms are related to MVP.

The MVPS for Women Newsletter and
Mailing List provides informative
tips and data on ways to alleviate
symptoms. Each month members
receive a newsletter and tips
about MVPS.

The MVPS for Women Mailing List is
a *companion* to discussion-type
mailing lists. It is low volume.
*ALL* MVPers are welcome to

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Sample Topics in Newsletter

* The Dentists' Dirty Little Secret

* Migraine Headaches

* All About Palpitations

* Medications

* Supplements

* Exercise

* Fatigue and Low Blood Volume


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